No need for big introductions as very, very few people who don’t follow my twitter will ever see this, but hi, I’m Madeleine the Sunshine Marmot, and I’m neither smart nor eloquent, so this blog will be… an interesting project.

My main social circle is heavy on critics. That’s pretty natural for a community who formed around a common appreciation for an art form, but it also creates expectations. While I’m pretty sure none of the Content Providers ™ feel this way, there’s a certain pressure on others to create something, to write something, to prove their value. Or maybe that’s just me.

My main way of dealing with that pressure, of contributing, is livetweeting, mostly anime, to much, much lesser amounts also games and occasionally manga, and this blog will likely mostly function as an archive for those threads, because after all that effort you bet I don’t want to lose them. Once in a while I might also make an actual article on something. We’ll see. It’s not likely. But we’ll see.